I Love Moms – and Beach Picnics

I am lucky to have so many wonderful Mom folk  in my life.  I would like to say Happy Mother’s Day to you all by sharing a few thoughts and memories of some of my favorite Moms.

My Mom in law – who makes Sunday dinner for the whole family every week, rain, shine, hail or screaming stomping grandchild. Thank you for truly welcoming me into your family and giving me the gift of family traditions.

My sister (poo-pooh!) – who has more grace and patience as a single mom than I can conjure even on my best day. Thank you so much for always being the wild card, bravely putting yourself out there and not apologizing for it, diverting attention from me while I screw up quietly in the corner.

My best friends Toni and Mandi – One who nursed her 3 month old baby while helping me get ready to be married, and one who flew across the country for a girls weekend and ended up watching her baby take his first steps on her ipad (Lil’ Turkey!).  Thanks for always being there even from so far away.

My Grandma – who homesteaded in Alaska in the 1950s, feeding her family of seven creatively with, apparently, only foraged mushrooms, spam, rhubarb and the occasional potato.  Yikes! Thank you for telling me the infamous “pregnant teenager who was going to have to strap a baby to her back and scrub floors” story about 100 times. I’m pretty sure that’s the reason I waited until I was 34 to have a baby. Thank you.

And finally my mama – who I vividly remember waking me up in the middle of the night so that I could meet my brand new baby sister, even though I was 3 years old and probably didn’t go back to sleep that night. Thank you for being my mom and also my friend.

Since I am dedicating this post to my mama – I wanted to share a simple recipe for a picnic at the beach with your mom(s).  My mama has always loved the beach at Golden Gardens, so I always think of her when I am there. My daughter likes to look at pictures of beaches in her storybooks and shout “BEACH! I go to BEACH!”  So I thought she might enjoy a picnic at the beach with her mama.  A word of advice: when suggesting a beach picnic to a 2 year old, you should be fully prepared to depart to the beach immediately, or be subjected to the aforementioned shouting continuously until it is time to depart.

In this picture we are enjoying our beach picnic.  At 9:30am.  In Seattle, May is not a warm month. Nevertheless, we enjoyed ourselves for a full 10 minutes before decamping to the nearby playground.  Here is our simple picnic menu.

Spring Picnic at the Beach

*Peanut butter and jelly tea sandwiches for kiddies (Adams pb and strawberry jelly all the way)

*Triple cream brie and breakfast radish tea sandwiches for moms

*Mandarin oranges (separated into one pile “with seeds” and one “no seeds”)

*More breakfast radishes

*Roasted almonds and dried cherries

Spread blanket, place food on tray, fend off seagulls and crows by wearing shiny metallic ribbons in your hair.  Do not, I repeat, NOT, try to fend them off by throwing food at them. You will be sorry. Enjoy your picnic!

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