Cooking Workshops

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 NEW!! Mobile Cooking Workshops

All cooking workshops are now MOBILE!  Both Local Suppers and Local Lunchbox services are available in YOUR HOME.  There will no longer be a set location for these workshops, instead I will come to you.  Workshops are available on thursdays, fridays and sundays.  Please contact me to set up a private workshop in your home!


  • For workshops with 6 or more participants, the host takes the class for FREE!
  • Invite your friends (and your kids’ friends for Local Lunchbox) & make it a party!
  • You get to help as little or as much as you want – I bring the food (and wine for Local Suppers) and do ALL CLEAN-UP!
  • Have a special dietary concern or menu wish list?  Call me to CUSTOMIZE your workshop menu/topic!

Private Seasonal Cooking Workshops April – August 2008

Join Acacia for a fun and informative hands-on class featuring local, seasonal ingredients.  Local Supper classes are adult classes, and Local Lunchbox classes are for children & families.  Suggested themes and menus appear monthly, but any workshop may be customized to your preferences!

Registration: To host a seasonal cooking workshop call: (206) 459-9378, or email

*Gift Certificates are now available for Cooking Workshops, call or email to order.  We will mail gift certificates within 3 business days of recieving your payment by mail.


April and May


Want to send your kids to school with something more nutritious than a pre-packaged “lunchable”?  Help your kids pack their very own local lunchboxes full of nutritious foods that are fun to eat at school (or work)!  We will make Sesame Chicken Salad Wraps, Orange Hazelnut Farro Wraps,  and Sunshine Salad.  Finicky eaters, and those with food allergies and intolerances are welcome! (Contains nuts.  Meat and vegan options, wheat optional)

LOCAL SUPPER: Spice it up!

Give your recipes a flavor and nutrition boost with savory, smoky, delicious herbs and spices; and gain confidence to experiment with them in your own kitchen.  We’ll talk about stocking your pantry with delicious and healthy spices, oils and condiments; taste different curries and masala spice blends; make Curried Chicken Salad,  Smoky Toasted Nuts with cumin and smoked paprika, and Pesto Rice Noodles with Asian Greens.   Dishes will be paired with local white wines to complement the spices (Reisling, Guwurztraminer…).  (Contains nuts, eggs and meat. Gluten-free)



Tasty “dippables” the whole family will want to pack for lunch!  We’ll make Creamy Spinach and Artichoke Dip and Tofu “Egg Salad” Dip served with snap peas and pita shapes, and finish off with Strawberry Parfaits with Honey Granola.  (Contains oats and dairy, wheat optional.  Vegetarian)

LOCAL SUPPER: Spring Seafood Tapas Bash

The Spanish indulge in a nightly stroll called a “tapeo” on which they taste their way through many delicious small plates at the tapas bars along their route.  I invite you to stroll on over for some fruity sangria, and help make a Clam and Artichoke Cazuela, Warm Piquillo Pepper and Crab Dip, and Asparagus with Salmon Lox and Garlic Allioli.  A fresh spring fruit platter of cherries and strawberries with lemon-thyme syrup will end our tapeo on a sweet note. (Contains eggs, dairy and fish, wheat optional)



Your lunchbox will get a trip around the globe as we make Black Bean Wraps with Tomato-Corn Salsa, French Tuna Salad Wraps with Green Beans & Olives, and Coconut-Berry Smoothies. (Contains wheat, fish and dairy)

LOCAL SUPPER: Picnic in the Garden

July is the best time to start celebrating the sunny weather with an al fresco dinner in the garden.  All the dishes will also travel well, should you want to celebrate the sunny weather farther from home!  We’ll make Rosemary Roasted Hazelnuts, Warm Romano Bean and Heirloom Tomato Salad, Spring Onion Tart with Bacon & Valentina Cheese, and Lemon Raspberry Cupcakes.  Dishes will be paired with local Rose wines (and perhaps a french rose if I just can’t help myself). (Contains eggs, nuts, wheat, dairy, meat)



A build your own treat, these inventive pizzas will let each family member create their own perfect lunch combinations.  We’ll make Pesto Pizzas and Hummus Pizzas with toppings such as cherry tomatoes, cucumbers, sweet peppers, avocadoes and cheeses.  We’ll finish with Mini Peach-Blueberry Muffins to round out our lunch. (Contains eggs, soy and wheat, dairy optional)

LOCAL SUPPER: Summer Mezze Feast

Enjoy a relaxing evening, sipping chilled crisp white wines, and creating a beautiful platter of mediterranean delicacies.  We’ll make Tzatziki (yogurt and cucumber dip), Red Lentil Feta Dip, Goat Masala Croquettes, and a Cucumber Tomato and Red Onion Salad, followed by fresh Buttermilk Ice Cream with Peaches.  I promise to roll you home afterwards. (Contains eggs, dairy, wheat and meat)

I’ll meet you at YOUR house!

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